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Gypsum machine plaster 30 kg MP75L

17.00 BGN

KNAUF MP 75 L gypsum plaster for machine application is light and extremely cost-effective. It is a pre-mixed dry plaster based on construction gypsum with special light additives to obtain smooth surfaces in interior rooms.
The lightweight gypsum plaster for machine application is used to create smooth surfaces on interior walls and ceilings.
It can be applied as a single-layer plaster on:

All types of masonry, concrete and strong plaster bases
In all rooms from the cellar to the ceiling with normal humidity
It is suitable as a base for subsequent coverings or wallpapers
Suitable for tiling base
Suitable as a base for finishing plasters

A solution of light dry gypsum plaster for internal use
Regulates humidity and is vapor permeable
Additional fire protection function
Resistant to wear and nailing
For machine application
Application thickness: 10mm
Consumption: 8kg/sq.m. at a thickness of 10 mm

Product code: 9542

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