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Austrotherm EPS F 1000x500x50mm 10 pcs/pack (The price is for a pack)

33.00 BGN

Austrotherm EPS F
Facade thermal insulation plate made of expanded polystyrene
Facade thermal insulation
Minimal water absorption

Very good thermal insulation properties

Easy processing and installation

Stable form
Technical parameters

► Cell contents: air
► Product type: EPS F according to EN 13499 and ETAG 004
► Edge shape: straight edge (GK)
► Marking: EPS F
► Useful size: 1000 x 500 mm
► Usable area: 0.5 m² per slab
► Tensile strength: 150 kPa
► Coefficient of thermal conductivity: λD = 0.038 W/(mK)
► Fire reaction class: E

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