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FIBRAN XPS GF 30x1250x600mm 14pcs/pack 0.315m3 (The price is for a pack)

75.60 BGN

XPS GF thermal insulation boards of the FIBRAN brand with a thermal conductivity of 0.033 W/mk. Product with universal application.
XPS boards, commonly known as fiberboard, are available in a package containing 14 sheets/0.315 cu. m. The fiberboards have the following dimensions: length - 1250mm, width - 600mm, thickness - 30mm. They have a volumetric weight of 30 kg/m3.
FIBRAN's GF series products have a "waffle" surface and green color. They are intended for thermal insulation of:
- Walls, roofs, floors, thermal bridges
- Small roofs, pitched roofs, eaves, cornices
- Facade walls
- Suspended facades (ventilated facade cladding)
- ETICS facade systems
- Built-in thermal insulation in the structure
- Internal or sandwich wall
- Facades with stone cladding
- Sandwich panels
- Thermal bridges (door and window sides, balconies, concrete beams and columns)
- Interior walls bordering unheated spaces
XPS GF thermal insulation boards have the following characteristics:
- Excellent insulating properties
- Very low water absorption and moisture absorption
- High mechanical resistance and compressive strength
- Absolute dimensional stability
- Homogeneous density of the entire mass
- Resistance to acids and bases
- Resistance to climatic changes
- Compatible with all common building materials
- Convenient for transport, cutting and laying

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