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Joint filler 25kg Nida Profesional

24.48 BGN

NIDA Profesional is a ready-made mineral powder based on gypsum, with white
color pre-mixed with mineral impurities and special
additives that provide increased adhesion and plasticity.
In combination with water, a homogeneous mixture is created, with optimal
extended working time, ideal for processing.

NIDA Profesional is used to fill and complete the
joints between plasterboard boards. This material is laid
using paper tape with micro-perforations for the premises
low humidity, or fiberglass tape for demanding areas
for resistance to fire or high humidity.
Due to the extended setting time, this is perfect
solution for use at large construction sites.

Required amount of water: 4-4.5 liters/5 kg of product
Average consumption: 250-300 gr. / m²
Shelf life: 12 months
Packaging: bag 25 kg
Laying time 80 minutes
Ambient temperature during installation: minimum 5°C - maximum 35°C

Product code: 248543

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