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Interior antibacterial paint Vitex Vairo 10l.

331.20 BGN

VITEX with VAIRO is an antiviral and antibacterial emulsion paint for walls with a velvety-matte finish, designed for interior use. Thanks to its innovative technology, the paint creates a dry film that prevents the transmission of viruses and inhibits the growth of bacteria on painted surfaces.

VAIRO health technology is based on silver ions, properly encapsulated in an inorganic matrix, as well as other auxiliary components, in order to achieve controlled release of silver ions, both in wet and dry conditions. The antiviral and antibacterial action of the paint has been tested in accordance with ISO 21702, ISO 22196 and the OECD guidelines for the efficacy of a product treated with a biocide (ENV-JM-MONO (2018)20) with a microbial reduction of 99-99.99%.

Surfaces painted with VITEX with VAIRO provide protection against many viruses, including the human coronavirus SARS-CoV2.

Developed by a special surface protection technology, the paint forms a film resistant to common household contaminants, which makes them easier to remove, even after drying.


Paint tested against coronavirus SARS-CoV2, with antiviral action> 99.9%
VAIRO health technology
Antiviral, antibacterial and anti-mold action
Stylish velvety matte finish
Class A+ for indoor air quality
Easy stain removal
Resistance to frequent washing - Class 1 in accordance with EN 13300/ISO 11998

Consumption: 15-18 sq.m/l per layer
Dilution: with up to 10% water
Touch drying time: 30-60 min.
Apply the next layer: after 3-4 hours

Product code: 1001362

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