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UniTherm PT310 25kg

14.40 BGN

The distinctive features of this extremely strong cement-based adhesive are high strength and elasticity, high plasticity, excellent adhesion to all types of mineral bases and very good vapor permeability. The composition of the glue includes quartz sand characteristic of UniPro products, which provides the unique properties of the glue. It is suitable for gluing and plastering EPS and XPS thermal insulation boards. UniTherm PT310 is a fiber-reinforced adhesive putty for interior and exterior use.

It is intended for gluing expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene on surfaces of all types of plasters, concrete, aerated concrete, cement plasters and flat brickwork. This high-quality protective and leveling putty is suitable for any thermal insulation system. In addition to being used for thermal insulation of facades, it is also used for self-plastering. Application with a notched trowel is recommended. The adhesive is available in two colors – gray and white.

Product code: 11000003

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